Thursday, 30 March 2017

Protect Your Property With Home CCTV And Feel More Secure

Knowing that you have taken the best measures to make your home and family secure will give you immense peace of mind. Installing a Home-CCTV-system is one of the best ways of keeping your possessions and the people you love safe from intruders and thieves.

You won't have to search very hard to find a company to supply you with the equipment for a home-CCTV-system, or to install one for you. There are many such companies out there, but you need to be sure you choose the right one.

A reputable company will be happy to give you an obligation-free quote that includes all aspects of the system and installation, and their work should be guaranteed. An experienced and knowledgeable company will be able to offer solutions and suggestions for your home security needs.

Seek two or three quotes, from different companies, to be sure you have been quoted an industry average price, but keep in mind that there are various areas that will affect the final cost of the work. These include the size of the house, the number of cameras and the type of surveillance you need and the type and quality of the equipment you decide to use. You need cameras, recording devices (if you want them) and monitors, all of which have varying price ranges.

An average price for the cameras is about $150 each; a complete, monitored system would start at around $1000; and there are packages available from about $800 a year that include the equipment and monthly fees. These packages have certain terms and conditions so make sure you read all the fine print carefully before signing up.

Home CCTV systems have become more popular in recent years, as homeowners look to protect their families and possessions from intruders and home invasions. You need to know about the laws protecting the rights of others if you plan to install outside cameras; basically, they must not be directed at other yards, houses or public areas. Talk to your neighbors about your plans to set up a CCTV system so they know what you are going to be doing; they may even be interested in sharing a system with you to reduce the costs.

There are many different CCTV security systems available but how are you to know which is the right one for you, many people don't know and often choose to get the most expensive thinking that it will do the job when sometimes it is just far too advanced and a cheaper model would have done the job that they wanted. Some people can end up being ripped off by a company because they don't know what they want or they don't know what they need.

It is always essential to know what you want to get from your camera before you go shopping for one, do you just want one that will record the area outside your house on a day to day basis, rewriting over the old content after a set amount of days? Do you want a camera which you can access remotely so that you can take a look at your property whenever you want? Do you want a series of cameras connected to one network so that your whole property is being watched? It is important to know what you want so that you can avoid buying a camera which has functions that you won't be using especially if it is more expensive than a camera which will do everything that you want.

If protecting your home is important to you then it is essential that you get the very best product to suit your needs so be sure to know what it is that you are looking for and that you use a company which have your best interests at heart rather than their own.

We all have our routines which we stick to, we leave for work at the same time and come home at the same time, however this benefits burglars because if they have been watching and planning the burglary then they will know when the best time is to carry it out. If you are constantly mixing up what you do it is much harder for them to know when you will be out and how long for, unfortunately it is not possible for us to mix up our routine all the time. A routine allows us to carry out everything which needs to be done when it needs to be so that the home is run efficiently.

One of the great ways to protect your home is by installing CCTV cameras, when you have a routine this is the one way you can hope to prevent a burglary. By putting CCTV cameras in place it will show that your home has 24 hour protection and it puts the burglars at risk of being caught which is something they want to avoid. If your home is burgled when you are out you will have protected your home and caught the burglars in action, this means that you have evidence which can be handed over to the police and help them with their investigation. As a general rule CCTV will act as a prevention method meaning that you won't need to worry about burglars.

When you are choosing your CCTV it is important to take the time to think about the protection you require and which areas outside of your home you want covering. You should speak to an expert before purchasing any CCTV equipment so that they can advise you on the best cameras and system for your needs.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Darkfighter CCTV VS Lightfighter CCTV

When the choice comes to select the best HD CCTV cameras, the integrators, the installers, the end users, and the consultants are all in a fix. Deciding, which is the best HD CCTV camera for the night, for low light or for both is confusing. The installers have to determine, if the camera is integrated with an IK 10 rated housing or an IP66 rated housing or a full body housing.

The other questions, which need to be asked while selecting the best HD CCTV camera is whether it will integrate with the third party VMS solutions or will it, be more efficient when integrated with the proprietary VMS solution. Determining the nature of the footprint; whether it is heavy or dark, does it cost a lot, and how easy is it to manage the internal setting of the camera are all important questions which need to be asked while determining the best HD CCTV camera. When one ponders over the questions, it becomes clear, that the process of choosing the best HD CCTV camera is not easy.

The constant changes and innovations in technology mean that there is no clear definition of best. However, having said this, there are in fact two HD CCTV cameras that beat all other CCTV cameras. These are the Darkfighter CCTV camera and the Lightfighter CCTV camera.

Darkfighter CCTV cameras

The cutting edge darkfighter camera uses a low light MP sensitive lens, which is specifically designed to capture the sharp colors and the monochromatic images in low level light conditions. The result is the clear color enriched images, which would defeat the low light CCTV cameras any day .The Darkfighter CCTV cameras include an extensive range of smart detection features like, Intrusion Detection, Smart Detection and face detection. It includes a Smart Tracking and electronic Image Stabilization feature and a defog ability, which makes it one of the most efficient cameras. The IP66 rating protects the Darkfighter.

This feature makes it perfect for using in the rigorous outdoor environments during the day and the night. Usually when the night comes, the business could be a potential target, for the criminal activity. Using Darkfighter cameras secures the premises effectively 24 hours. The most impressive thing about the Darkfighter CCTV is its ability to record impressive quality images during the day. The Darkfighter exaggerates the available light so much that it becomes difficult to say how dark the scenes actually are while viewing them.

The infrared Led lights are integrated behind the two panels on the front side of the camera so that it cannot be seen. The amazing thing about the Darkfighter is that at no time, does it go out of the color mode. Usually CCTV cameras go completely black and white. The Darkfighter stands up to its reputation to fight the dark and display crystal clear images even in low light conditions.

Darkfighter CCTV Specifications

- The CCTV camera features a 2 megapixels 1.9 inches HD progressive scan CMOS image sensor

- The camera is able to stream HD videos in 1080p with an impressive 23 times zoom depth , due to the 120 dB Wide Dynamic range and 3D digital noise reduction technology designed by Hikvision.

- The darkfighter is ranked much higher than the other IP and PTZ cameras due to the electronic image stabilization and due to the smart tracking features of the camera.

- The Darkfighter supports MJPEG ,MPEG4 and H.264 video compression format systems

- The CCTV camera consists of many H.264 compression profiles, which allows the users to optimize the storage and the bandwidth without any compromising on the quality of the image.

- The camera allows simple integration, with the previous video surveillance equipment and systems with support for PSIA, ONVIF and other CGI standards.

When the images are viewed against a strong sidelight during the day, the images will not have any signs of blooming and any signs of flaring, when the lens zooms in and out during the night. Even if reasonable zoom is applied on the images, there are no signs of distortion.

Light Fighter CCTV Camera 

Hikvision is the Global leader in the field of improved video surveillance systems and products. The company reached new heights, with their innovative new, high contrast imaging as a specialty of the new Lightfighter CCTV series of cameras. The lightfighter series is a series of seven 2 Megapixel Smart IP CCTV HD cameras.

Each of the seven cameras incorporate Hikvisions patent 140 dB wide dynamic range technology for effective industry leading high quality visibility in high or light contrast environments. The result is, clear, detail enriched images which could defeat the conventional CCTV cameras any day. Each of the lightfighter cameras are able to render high quality 1920x1080 High definition images, which are consistent at 60 frames per seconds without disruption. The light fighter camera boasts effective low light capability for the nighttime need for surveillance.

New lightfighter series of 7 cameras 

The lightfighter series of CCTV cameras consists of 7 two megapixel cameras, which feature Hikvisions amazing WDR technology’s. This technology helps to overcome the discrepancies of imaging in the high contrast scenes and the extreme backlight scenes. The new camera models include the Smart IP box camera. The new model comes with 2 extremely effective outdoor bullet cameras and two other dome cameras. Pair of PTZ dome cameras, with an impressive 36 times zoom ability is also included. Each of the seven cameras in the Lightfighter range is able to render high quality premium videos. The impressive high definition quality makes the lightfighter series an ideal tool to use in high profile businesses.


The main reason for the impressive performance of the light fighter series is the WDR technology, which enables the camera to record videos in detail, even when the intensity of the illumination is not high, backlighting is dark, and very bright lights appear in the field of view suddenly.

The 140 dB WDR in the CCTV cameras of the lightfighter CCTV range provides a 100 times more powerful enhancement as compared to the standard 120 dB WDR systems in the conventional CCTV cameras.

The Lightfighter camera is ideally suited for the situations involving intense backlight, where the camera can be adjusted to point at the possible points of forced entry like windows.

The light fighter range is integrated with face detection, line crossing detection, intrusion detection and object counting feature, which enables the camera to detect any object that moves progressively and follows it within the coverage of the camera.

Both the Lightfighter CCTV and the Darkfighter CCTV cameras are equipped with Hikvisions smart feature sets and Hikvisions professional video management software, which can meet the security demands of the industrial sector, banking sector and many vertical markets.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Is HIKVision A Good CCTV Brand?

Due to increasing incidents of burglary and theft people have started using various surveillance solutions and products all over the world including Singapore. The increase in the demand of CCTV surveillance products has attracted large number of companies manufacturing electronic products in this field. Hikvision is one of the companies popular all over the world for manufacturing the products and solutions for CCTV and video surveillance. In Singapore Hikvision is considered as one of the most trusted brands in this field.

Introduction to Hikvision

Today Hikvision is considered as the leading brand that supplies surveillance solutions and products all over the world on the basis of its strong R&D. Hikvision uses the skills of its strongest R&D workforce in designing and developing video and CCTV surveillance products in its state-of-the-art manufacturing environment.

The complete range of products produced by the company include HD analog cameras, smart IP cameras, NVRs, speed domes, video management software, DVRs, encoders, decoders and alarm and access control systems and various other sophisticated parts of security networks since its inception. The products manufactured by Hikvision are used in wide range of markets including banking and finance, retail, education, transportation, government, residential and commercial units for the sake of their security and protection from unwanted intruders.

Hikvision, being an active participant in the market of surveillance products since its inception in 2001, is spending almost 8% of its annual revenue on the R&D to continue to produce innovative products for improving the security of its customers all over the world. The company is serving its global customers through its regional offices at almost 20 locations in the world. 

Why Hikvision is a trusted CCTV brand in Singapore?

Hikvision is considered as a trusted CCTV brand in Singapore because of the benefits its CCTV and video surveillance products have provided to its customers throughout the world. If you are running a company with large numbers of employees or a small business unit it is necessary to install the best and reliable surveillance system to ensure the safety and security of your staff as well as your business. By using a good CCTV security system you reduce the chances of entering of the criminals and burglars into your office or business environment in Singapore. The installation of CCTV cameras manufactured by reputed company like Hikvision can provide you the benefits briefly discussed here under.

Benefits of installing CCTV camera of reputed brand

Mandatory for the security of the business: Today the installation of CCTV cameras at business establishments in Singapore like casinos, banks, factories and warehouses is considered as mandatory due to increasing incidents of theft and other criminal activities. The use of surveillance products manufactured by a trusted brand increase the feeling of security among the users due to excellent and assured quality of their products. You can use them not only to monitor the security of your front desk and stores but also the activities of your workers within your business premises.

Safe work environment: The installation of CCTV surveillance systems of a reputed brand in a business or industrial unit also provide a safer work environment to the people living or working there. It also helps you in monitoring your staff and professionals at your facilities, dealing with large number of business secrets and data, to prevent their embezzlement and maintain the security of digital storage devices. :

Management of complete security system: You can easily manage the security system of your complete business unit by installing CCTV cameras of good brand. They can provide a complete security management system at various types of business places in Singapore including owners of large properties, offices of federal governments, operations of transit systems and jurisdiction of transit systems etc.

Reliable evidence: The information provided by CCTV surveillance products is considered as reliable evidence in case of any mishap. Not only the opportunistic thieves but the people who plan carefully before striking a deal at right time also leave behind some clues and evidences which can help in tracing them. The high definition recordings done by these CCTV cameras can help in searching the thieves, even if they are not caught red-handed. The thieves can be recognised by reproducing the recordings of CCTV surveillance system by slowing and zooming their reproduction.

Ensure your constant presence at your business: The information captured by the CCTV cameras in your business premises will help in ensuring its safety even if you are away from your business, on holiday or sleeping at your home. You will get information about the intruders as if you were always present there.

Easy surveillance of the areas difficult to be viewed otherwise: You can keep a vigilant eye at difficult locations of your home or business just by installing a CCTV camera at the back of your room. Moreover your CCTV camera will provide you peace of mind as you can also view its footage on your internet without visiting the place in person.

All the benefits of CCTV surveillance system, manufactured by reputed company, discussed in this write-up ensure that you can easily improve the security and safety of your business as well as home even if you are not present there. The CCTV surveillance products manufactured by Hikvision also promise to provide these benefits to their customers not only in Singapore but anywhere in the world.

Recently, a subsidiary of Hikvision Digital Technology, the world leader in manufacturing and supplying innovative CCTV and video surveillance products and solutions, Hikvision Singapore, has been awarded with Golden Award of 2015, one of the prestigious awards offered by One Asia Awards. The Company got this award as recognition of outstanding sales of the company’s CCTV surveillance systems along with other products in the Asian market. The strategy of localization and the customer support provided to the regional customers by the Singapore office of the Hikvision has received positive reviews from the judges of One Asia Awards.

Thus, on the basis of the information provided in this write-up, it can be said easily that Hikvision is a good CCTV brand not only in Singapore but all over the world.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

11 Tips On How To Install CCTV Camera In Office

These days CCTV is one of the most important objects for the security of any office. That is why most of the office owners or managers in Singapore prefer to have CCTV camera installed in their office. That is a good thing to do and installation of CCTV camera in your office can help you get several benefits as well. But there are certain tips as well that you need to remember during this installation. If you will not do the installation in a proper manner, then you may not get the optimum result with it. For your reference, I am sharing 11 tips on how to install CCTV camera in the office.

Do the office survey: Before you install CCTV camera in your office, it is essential that you do the survey of your office. In this survey you should cross check all the places where you would want to have cameras in your office and how many cameras you would need. If you will do that research in a proper manner, then you will be able to find right kind of details for same. This is one of those tips that will certainly help you save money in an easy manner.

Know the camera power: This is one of those tips that are unknown to many people. However, if you want to get the best outcome with your CCTV camera in your office, then you should know the power of the camera before buying it. By knowing the power of CCTV camera you can install right amount of cameras in your office. This is one of those tips that will not only help you do the saving of money, but it will help you do various other things as well. So, keep that thing in your mind to install CCTV camera in your office.

Do proper cabling: Proper cabling is very important and you should never ignore that in any condition. Sometimes people use the camera cable along with electrical cable. This is a big mistake that people make in this installation and you should not make this blunder in your office. For this installation, you should have a separate line for the camera cables to avoid any trouble caused by electrical flux.

Remote access: You may not stay in the office all the time but you would want to monitor your employees and office from a remote location. If you have a cctv camera that gives you remote access from any location, then you can do the monitoring easily from outside of your office as well. When I give tips to people for this particular requirement, I always suggest them to use a system that offers remote access. I would give the same tips to you as well for better productivity and results with it.

Check the capacity of recorder: If you want to keep the recording for a longer time in your office, then you should check the recorder capacity as well. Sometime people invest a lot of money in the CCTV camera, its installation and other things, but they do not get the right capacity recorder for their office. This is a mistake that leads them to trouble after some time. So, it is advised that you choose the recorder capacity according to the available camera and your specific requirement.

Choose right angle: To install CCTC camera in your office, it is necessary you choose a right angle for that. If you don’t choose the right angle for the installation of the camera, then you may not be able to capture the people or their faces. That means in the case of emergency or in the case of something mischievous you may find it impossible to solve that issue with your recordings.

The location should be safe: When you do the installation of CCTV camera in your office, then it is also important that you choose a location that is completely safe. If people can vandalize the camera or its cable, then that would not be a good thing for you. Inside the office, you shouldn’t face much of the problems, but still, you should consider choosing a safe location. Also, it should be a good base so it doesn’t get ripped off from the place.

Know the rules: In Singapore there are certain rules and regulations to install the CCTV camera. If you don’t follow those rules then you may face legal troubles. So make sure you understand all these rules and you do the installation accordingly. For example, you are not allowed to install any CCTV camera inside the bathroom or similar private place. Nor you can point a camera outside on the road unless you have a valid reason and legal approval for that. So, keep these tips in your mind for the better result.

Choose a good vendor: None of the tips can do any good for you unless you choose a good vendor for the installation of CCTV camera in your office. Sometimes you may think about installing it on your own, but that would not be a good idea and I am not going to recommend you for that. So, make sure you do not make this mistake in any condition as well for better results.

Do rigors testing: once the installation is done, then you should do a testing for same to cross check things are working properly. If you won’t do the testing then it is possible that things will not work as smoothly as you want them to work. You should check if you are able to access live feed from other place and you should check the recording as well. If you have anything else in your mind, don’t mind checking that as well for better result.

Inform people about it: Last but not the least you must inform people about the installation of cctv camera at your premises. You should have some signs for that at various places and you should inform about it. Many tips may ignore giving this suggestion to you, but it is very important that you inform people about it. That is necessary by law as well. Hence, try not to avoid this in any condition.

Friday, 2 September 2016

How Much Does It Cost to Install Security Camera in Singapore?

Installing a CCTV is a fascinating thing and almost everyone would like to have one at home. Keeping up with this modern technology comes with utmost peace of mind for every homeowner. The feeling of utmost safety in your very own house is priceless, yet many find themselves with a limited budget when it comes to considering the costs involved. Having a CCTV installed in Singapore seems to be very extravagant, given the stellar features of this kind of security device. The big question presents itself, as to how much it costs to acquire a CCTV. 

CCTV Systems Cost

Can you afford to pay the initial price of the camera and have it professionally installed? There are a myriad of options in the market toady, and it might not be possible to generate an exact figure. What's certain is that it does not necessarily have to be the most expensive to be the best CCTV for your home, but you can get a good system at the typical range of $500-$1500. This pertains to the working cameras that will serve its purpose quite well in terms of the protection you need for yourself, your family, business, and all your assets. By having a close look at the best cameras to suit your needs best, along with choosing the right supplier or CCTV company, you will surely get the best value for your money.

CCTV Installation Cost

Both the cost of purchase and installation of the CCTV should be factored in to arrive at the closest estimate of expenses. There are a number of service providers in Singapore, but not all of them provide the same high quality installation that will meet your need. Not every servicer offers an honest, competitive price that's worth your hard-earned money. It's best to do your research of a reliable and trustworthy installer that can guarantee a job done with excellence. The best CCTV suppliers and specialists have only your best interest in mind, that is, to keep your home safe and secure at all times.

CCTV Cost Factors

The cost of CCTV cameras in Singapore are typically determined by the following factors:

System Functions -
Camera prices differ based on various CCTV functionalities. For instance, IP CCTV cameras are generally more expensive than normal indoor types because of some added functions that are not available in other cameras, such as monitoring your assets over the internet with your handy smartphone.

CCTV Footage Storage -
Costs also depend on the camera's storage, whether by means of your computer of through a DVR. The latter entails paying a bit extra on top of the initial CCTV price. Cameras can be set to record footage only when the sensors are triggered in order to save storage memory.

Camera Features -
CCTV systems with more features sensibly arrive at higher costs, but the added price will be worth it with capabilities designed to meet your security needs.

CCTV Options

CCTV cameras function to reduce burglary risks and loss of assets because thieves and robbers would avoid your place. If caught on camera, their faces can be easily recognized by the law enforcement people. In a business environment, theft by workers is discouraged since those who would dare attempt would know that they are being monitored. There are cameras that are built with security alarms, while some can detect fire outbreaks and send signals to firefighters. There are various options for CCTV systems that are circulating in Singapore markets, and among the best choices are from Field Safe offering trusted protection:

AHD Cameras 2TB/8 Channel DVR

Price Range: $680-$2288 (from 1 up to 8 cameras)

AHD Cameras, also called Analog HD CCTV cameras, pertain to an analog high definition (HD) closed-circuit TV video surveillance standard which utilizes coax cable for capturing and transmitting HD video from a security camera to a DVRs. This type of CCTV supports video resolutions of 720p and 1080p HD.

IP Cameras 2TB/8 Channel NVR

Price Range: $788 - $3088 (from 1 up to 8 cameras)

IP security cameras, or internet protocol camera, and IP video servers are both designed to connect to an IP network by means of an Ethernet connection or a CAT-5 cable. Unlike analog closed-circuit television or CCTV cameras, the IP type can send and receive data via the internet and a computer network.

Under this kind of camera would be the centralized and decentralized types. Centralized IP cameras require an NVR or central network video recorder to manage recording, video and alarm functions. Decentralized IP cameras do not require the NVR, since it has built-in recording functions and have it done directly on standard storage media like SD cards, network-attached storage (NAS), or through a PC or server.

8-Channel digital video recorders or DVRs, and NVRs, come with pre-installed 2TB hard drive that's primarily designed to work with the manufacturer's CCTV range. As its name suggests, it is capable of recording simultaneously and capture footage from up to 8 different cameras. Cameras may be bullet type or dome-shaped, which allows the system to effectively monitor huge spaces right from one strategic point. You can opt for the right security camera depending on your preferences and the area you wish to keep an eye out on. You get exceptional performance and versatility in a comprehensive CCTV system, with the added capability of upgrading your cameras and storage drives.

Upgrade Options

A Hard Disk Upgrade from 1TB to 2TB costs $100, 1TB to 4TB costs $200, and 2TB to 4TB costs $150. Cameras typically arrive in 1.3MP, and upgrading to 2MP costs $50 per camera, while an upgrade from 1.3MP to 3MP costs $100 per camera.

If you want a decent CCTV product that will turn out to be a long-term investment, then it's wise to make your purchase when you are financially prepared. Remember that the best CCTV for your safety and security does not come cheap. A reliable CCTV camera of high-quality make and one that's been professionally installed will definitely serve the purpose you have for it. Knowing CCTV costs for both the system and installation depends on your security requirements, your home or office area, and the choices you make. Consulting CCTV experts beforehand can help you in decision-making, and supply you with the best camera along with professional installation service.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

8 Mistakes to Avoid On Marine Camera Systems

Today’s technological advancement has made it more convenient and easier to travel all over the world including the marine life. Many people are trying to become divers these days so that they can share the photographs and videos of underwater life, captured by them by using their marine camera systems, with their family and friends. But most of them make various mistakes while working on these underwater cameras, being an amateur photographer. These mistakes can be avoided if they have complete knowledge of the techniques used in them. Some of the mistakes are discussed here under in brief so that you can avoid them while using these underwater cameras in Singapore next time.

Inappropriate use of light: The colours of an object pop up if light is properly focused in it while taking a video. You can avoid unwanted colour or shadows that make your video unrealistic by learning the proper use of light while working on marine camera systems. Moreover you should also learn how to avoid the scattering of light in the water caused by its interaction with underwater particles.

Misuse of red filter: Mostly you see underwater videos in blue tone because the natural colours of sunlight are filtered by the water. The things get bluer as you go deeper into the water but this situation can be handled by using red filter properly. You can add back colours to your underwater videos by using red filter carefully. The colour adding efficiency of your red filter can be affected with the distance between your object and you. The affect of your red filter increases with the decrease in the distance between you and your object and vice versa. The tone of your video will be purple or red if you are too close to the object but if you are using black and white mode then the effect of your filter will be nil.

Inapt use of focus: Most underwater videographers make a mistake of using auto focus while working on marine camera systems. They must use manual focus as much as possible to get the best photos under water. In fact auto focus is used while using camera topside but under the water if becomes difficult for the camera to decide the angle while focusing on the object and for that reason most of the underwater photos look blurred. You go on changing your positions to take the best shot and your camera keeps on hunting for the right place to focus on your object and the results get worse. So you should learn manual focusing of your camera while using it underwater.

Failure to hold the camera stable: You must learn how to hold the camera stable if you want to get worthy videos or stills while shooting underwater. You must have full confidence while using your marine camera under water with perfect control. You cannot get rid of blurry images if you cannot keep your camera perfectly steady. Your photographs will be affected with the swell, current, gravity and surge of water. You can avoid using camera if you are not comfortable while diving. But if you want to make underwater videos then you must practice at other subjects to be a perfect videographer.

Improper selection of shooting angle: While video-graphing underwater sometimes you may get chance to compose your shot perfectly but sometimes not. In such condition it is better to shoot from the front or a bit below the subject instead of from above or behind as these angles will make your photo lifeless or flat. Taking video while the subject is passing along you is another way to get its best photo but for such shot you will have to wait for some time without moving your camera too much.

Use of zoom: The videos look shaky if zoom is used, even while holding the camera perfectly steady. Instead of using zoom underwater you should get closer to the subject to take its close-up shot. But you should be careful while getting close to some of the species as they may attack on you in their self defence.

Improper maintenance of housing: Housing is used with marine camera systems to protect them from moisture and pressures. But is can affect the quality of your video or destroy your video if not maintained properly when it is not in use. Though it is easy to maintain the housing of the underwater cameras but it has to be done regularly so that it may not betray you. You should clean it, lubricate it and reset all of its essentials every time after using it for marine videography, as per the instructions of its manufacturer.

Improper composition of shot: While composing your underwater shot you should not think like a professional director of a movie as it can help you to get many things hanged around you especially when you are doing marine photography or videography for the first time. You should try to shoot your subject from different angles or its different behaviors or movements to get its best images, still or video. Moreover, instead of trying to get the portrait shot of your subject you should focus on its behavior that can be filmed perfectly.

Insufficient control on the operations of the camera: Before diving and filming underwater you should learn to use all the operations of the buttons of your marine camera systems and practice them enough so that you may not be deceived while using them under water. You can capture the best shots of your life if you perfectly know the location of the controls of your camera.

In this way you can take the best videos and still photos of the underwater species in Singapore if you do not repeat the mistakes discussed in this write-up. You can also avoid repeating these mistakes by taking a course regarding underwater photography and videography. They will teach you how to control your marine camera systems under the water and take better videos. It will also increase your confidence considerably and one day you will be able to create watchable underwater videos with proper education and consistent practice.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Pros and Cons On Installing Surveillance Camera for Home

CCTV i.e. closed circuit television systems are security or surveillance camera systems which are deployed to offer protection in crowded places, public areas, buildings, or properties whereby security is deemed essential. CCTV systems are often used in variety of circumstances to offer video surveillance. For instance, businesses use CCTV systems to monitor the behavior of their employees. Schools use the systems to monitor the different activities taking place in the school environment. CCTV also can assist retail establishments by offering protection against loss of theft. CCTV cameras have got redefined security management dynamics, law enforcement activities, terrorism prevention measures as well as general protection of homes and businesses. Therefore, it is important that you install this system in your premises if you really care about your family and property in Singapore. This write up will give you the pros as well as the cons that are associated with installing a surveillance camera. 

Pros of Installing Surveillance Camera 

Preventing Theft as well as Illegal Activity:
The primary purpose of installing a surveillance camera is to act as deterrence to criminals, petty thieves, robbers as well as unscrupulous elements from indulging in criminal or illicit activities. Basically, the good thing with these security systems is that they can be installed in any place including in townhouses, bungalows, condominiums, apartment buildings, university campuses, schools, stores, malls, offices and in other public places. The camera can monitor suspicious activities, stop vandalism, theft and shop lifting. The system can also alert stationed security officers about any real- time theft taking place in a particular area as long as the place is secured using the surveillance systems.

Staff members monitoring these cameras in your business can also immediately inform you in case of any mysterious or dangerous thing happening in your business premises.

Sexual Predators:One of the biggest threats that most people in Singapore experience is intruders penetrating in their home and sexually molesting their kids. Camera system installed in your home can track down these predators once they happen to penetrate in your premises.

Preventing Bullying:
The new- generation CCTV surveillance camera systems have got voice, audio as well as sound capturing abilities. Therefore, you can be able to hassle free capture any person who happens to harass your family members or workers.

Emergency Evacuation:
The security company manning your camera system can quickly take action about evacuating people in your premises in case of emergencies related to theft or fire or other potential unlawful activities taking place in your premises.

Giving both You and Your Family Peace of Mind:
Once you install CCTV cameras in your premises, you’ll definitely begin having peace of mind since you know that you’re being protected by the system. Your spouse, your kids as well as your worker(s) will also have nothing to fear about in cases whereby you live them alone in the house.

Keeps a Record:
If any criminal activity takes place in your home, investigation will be added by the video that will have been recorded by the CCTV surveillance. Also, if an argument happens to occur between your workers in your house, it will not be necessary asking the workers about what was wrong. You only require consulting the video tape from your CCTV surveillance and it will show you exactly what you require to see.

Cons of Installing CCTV Surveillance Camera Systems in your Home

Despite the system carrying along numerous pros, it has some cons as well. Here are some of them;

CCTV Cameras Do Not Always Work:
Unfortunately, CCTV cameras cannot be able to display every square inch of your home. Basically, even if you position the CCTV cameras correctly, there isn’t guarantee that they will catch any unwanted behavior or crime done on your premises.

A person can easily thwart the cameras by covering them up or by sticking on the lenses a piece of chewing gum. When the cameras are positioned in a place high above the ground, criminals can be able to avoid detection by simply holding their heads down.

Any person who is familiar with your home can still be able to get around the CCTV surveillance and avoid getting caught. Generally, if the CCTV cameras are positioned incorrectly, any high traffic area in your home will not be shown on camera. In such a scenario, much of the behavior which the CCTV cameras are designed to detect may not be captured on the tape.

Does not Provide a Person with Privacy:
Installing CCTV cameras in your home can sometimes cause controversy. For instance, people who’re considered opponents of CCTV cameras normally object to the invasion of privacy which is resulted with constant video monitoring. Workers in your house under constant surveillance by the CCTV cameras can oppose monitoring of their behavior since they believe they cannot be able to work properly when they’re being monitored. Also, some people believe that they cannot deliver to their level best if they happen to be monitored all the time.

They’re Expensive:
Installing CCTV surveillance system in your house will definitely be costly. This is because the cost of purchasing them is high. Also, you’ll be required to hire an expert to install the system in your premises. The security company that will be manning your house will also make you incur more money. If you combine all these costs, you will realize that the entire process is costly.

As you’ve seen, there are a number of advantages as well as disadvantages you’ll experience once you install CCTV cameras in your premises. However, since the pros outweigh the cons, it’s important that you install them in your Singapore home.

It is also important that you carry out a thorough research when looking for a CCTV surveillance system to install in you home since not all of them will provide you with the aforementioned benefit.

Last but not the least, reference from friends, relatives as well as co- workers in Singapore who’re recently using CCTV surveillance systems in their homes can really help you out in finding the right CCTV cameras and also the right security company to man your home. Ensure that you install CCTCV cameras in your home as soon as possible if you want to reap the various benefits that they offer. Thank you.