Tuesday, 29 December 2015

How To Install CCTV For Shop Houses

The concept of shop houses in Singapore is unique. As it is evident from the name, these houses include both shops and houses. Apart from that, all the houses are situated in a building. These houses are also termed as hybrid houses. People of Singapore make use of these shop houses for their income and they use the houses above the shops as their residence. 

With due course of time, the situation has been changing in the country. It used to be a time when there was no burglary and theft. People used to keep dogs, install robust door and locks to protect their shop houses from the threat of theft. Now, with the burglary becoming rampant in the neighbourhood, it has become indispensable to install CCTV in shop houses. This rate is menial as compared to other parts of the world. 

Singapore is a country with rarest of the rare cases of burglary and theft. Why do you need to install CCTV camera in your shop houses?

Singapore has the record of lowest crime in the world. It is possible to stop heinous crimes or serious crime. It is quite difficult to stop petty crimes. These crimes are the main reason why people of Singapore should install cameras in their shop houses. Some of the petty crimes that people of Singapore still worried about are shop lifting, street theft, pick pocketing and many more. It is the due responsibility of the shop owner to give protection to the employees and his belongings. 

CCTV cameras in shop houses provided all the way protection

CCTV cameras not only give you financial and physical protection but also they give you legal protection. With the available footage in your storage, you can be able to co-operate the police in investigation. You can give evidence against the thugs in the court. If some of the shoplifters have attacked your employees, you can show the footage in the court of law to ask for compensation from the assailant. Generally people who commit petty crimes don’t go to places where CCTV cameras are installed. You are also helping your neighbourhood by reducing the crime rates as you install the camera in your shop houses.

How to install CCTV for shop houses?

There are a number of constraints which you need to consider before installing the CCTV cameras. First of all you need to decide whether you are going to install the cameras outside your shop house or inside or both. Then you need to consider the budget constraints for installing quality cameras. Let’s find out what are the options you have. 

1. Select the CCTV 
camera that stands out as best among all available cameras meant for shop houses
There are a number of cameras available in the markets that are suitable for your shop houses. Your main goal should be to derive maximum benefits from the cameras that you choose to install. You need to maintain balance between the budget and preference. Your needs should be fulfilled to your best interest also. For example, you should install night vision camera because most of the burglaries take place during the night time. You may choose these cameras for your shop house but these can be a little costlier.

2. Should you consider outdoor cameras for your shop house?
Most of the people use CCTV cameras inside their shop houses. It is very important to install outdoor cameras than the indoor cameras in your shop houses because it will be easier to take notice of the people that come in and go out. There are a lot of outdoor places where you can install outdoor cameras. You can install the cameras in parking areas, garage and the entrance of your shop house. 

3. Should you compromise on quality of the cameras?
You should always consider installing quality cameras. The camera quality depends upon the quality of images that it captures and the price. You should always consider infrared enables night vision cameras for your shop house, if you are not on a tight budget. If you are not able to recognise the person on the camera, there is no use of the camera. A good quality camera is characterised by its quality light sensitivity, sharpness, and resolution. 

4. Decide a place to install the camera
It is always advisable to install the cameras so that everybody can see it. It means that the camera should be able to cover the whole areas where it is installed. Apart from that you should regularly check that its view is not blocked due to some obstacles. You should check the same for both the inside and outside cameras of your shop house. 

5. Camera with wires VS wireless cameras
Both the cameras have their own advantages and disadvantages. Wired cameras may cost you a little les as compared to the wireless cameras. When you add the cost of the wires of the camera with wires, you may buy a wireless camera. Wireless cameras are generally costlier than the camera with wires. If due to some reasons the wireless connectivity is lost between the camera and the receiver of the camera on the other end, the camera may not be able to capture the images. 

6. Variants of cameras
You can pick cameras basing on their colours. You can either choose the black and white cameras or coloured cameras. When you are using cameras for surveillance purpose, you should always consider the cameras with high coverage. These can be possible with the use of cameras having wide angled lens. There are cameras which are weather independent. To save yourself from the atrocities of bad weather you can use Pan Tilt Zoom cameras. 

7. Follow the installation guide carefully
The cameras always come with installation guide. The installation guide contains detailed information on how to install the cameras. You need to follow the installation instructions to install the cameras successfully.

As the situation demands, you should install the CCTV cameras in your shop houses. You can install the cameras by yourself with the help of information available on various websites. There are various agencies in Singapore who can help you with the whole process of installation of the cameras.      

Friday, 13 November 2015

When Should You Use Pabx Phone System In Your Office?

Short for private automatic branch exchange, a PABX system is used to create internal telephonic networks in offices. What’s the use of a private telephone network within the walls of an office? Well, there are several. However, before revealing all the advantages of installing a PABX system, let’s concentrate on understanding what happens when we do not. If there are no PABX systems in place employees are forced to use traditional paid services to make inter-departmental calls. Now, depending on the degree of interaction that happens between different departments and employees within an office building, the monthly cost of internal call alone can be astronomical. By creating a private network, a typical PABX system allows you make those very same calls for free. Now, that’s just one of many other features that a PABX system brings to the table. It’s a complete phone management system that can help you manage your offices outgoing and incoming calls much more necessity.

When Should You Use PABX System In Your Office?  

PABX might offer a great solution for managing official calls, but it’s certainly not meant for all offices. For some organizational spaces, a PABX system can act as a boon and its installation alone can drive up productivity and efficiency while lowering monthly expenses. However, there are also offices that simply do not need a PABX system. To find out if your office needs a PABX system or not following are some of the telltale signs that indicate its necessity.

A Lot Of Internal Calls: This may seem like an obvious point, but this is the first and foremost reason why an office should or shouldn’t switch to a PABX system. There are some offices that only receives a few calls a day. For these offices, installing a dedicated PABX system can prove to be a complete waste. On the other hand, offices that witness a lot of call traffic along with a lot of internal calls may find the features of a PABX system absolutely essential.

Office Has A Lot Of Different Departments: There are plenty of offices that houses a lot of departments in the same space such as accounting, legal, sales, marketing, HR, administration, and others. Considering all these departments need a separate phone connection in order to talk to each other and to make external calls, installing a PABX switch should be an obvious decision.

Massive Load Of Incoming And Outgoing Calls: Even if your office do not have a lot of departments but receives a lot of calls from clients and customers, getting PABX installed may turn out to be a great move. PABX allows you to manage multiple calls simultaneously and also lets you transfer them or put them on hold. PABX system also allows you to record custom voice messages for callers to hear whenever they call your office. Simply put, if your office receives a lot of calls from a lot of different people which needs to be handled by different employees then there is no debating the importance of installing a proper PABX system.

A Lot Of Employees Require Telephone Connection: In today’s work environment, there is a crucial need for employees to interact with each other in order to coordinate their efforts. Now, there is no sense of using traditional phone connections to make all these calls. A PABX system can not only dramatically reduce the expenses of these calls but also makes it a lot easier to manage. Apart from the monthly expense, installing a PABX also allows you to allocate different extension numbers for different phone units in your office. This feature greatly simplifies internal communication.

There Is A Regular Need For Conference Calls And Over-The-Phone Meetings: Offices with different branches in different cities need to communicate with each other via conference calls. Conference calls are also an effective means of communication for offices that deliver client based services. A PABX system comes with impressive features that make conducting conference calls an absolute breeze. Using a PABX connection employees situated in different locations can be patched in to attend a telephonic meeting.

Advantages And Features Of A Typical PABX System

Now, there is a clear understanding about offices that need PABX, let’s go right ahead and take a look at some of the most important features and advantages of installing this system.

One Central Number For All Communication: It makes sense to have one centralized number for your company. This eliminates confusion as clients, customers, and employees can call in this one number and get patched through to the right department or person. Having a one central number also makes sense from a marketing standpoint. This is mainly because the marketing team can feature that one single number in all the company ads be it newspaper, online, or television. A PABX system is based around a centralized switch that divides a single telephone connection into multiple sections for different departments and allows your company to retain one central number.

Offers A More Professional Approach To Call Management: With features like on-hold voice message, multiple call handling capability, quick call switching features, a PABX system allows your company’s telephone operator to manage the incoming calls much more efficiently and professionally.

Employees Have Dedicated Voice Mail Box: This is a great feature that creates a separate voice mailbox for all the extension. Allowing clients and customers to record their messages, this makes sure that information is stored and passed on even when there is no one at the desk.

Easily Scalable Architecture: If you are company is small, chances are there only a few employees working for you. However, as your company grows you would need to hire more people for different departments. As the company expands you need a telephonic system that also expand with it. PABX is definitely one such system. It takes comparatively little cost and effort to scale your existing PABX  system’s capability and it can continue to grow as and when you want it to.

Takes Up Little Space: As mentioned earlier, the entire PABX system is controlled by a centralized switch. The switch itself is very small and can easily wall mounted or hidden out of view. In short it takes very little space to install a PABX system making it ideal for both limited and large sized offices.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Pros and Cons of Dome Security Cameras

Any business owner or manager is concerned about the security of their premises, whether it's a small shop, a restaurant, or a convenience store. They also want to be sure the store's money stays in the store -- in other words, that there's no employee theft.

All these concerns lead people to security cameras as the solution. But which type to buy? So-called "dome" security cameras, where the camera is hidden inside a plastic dome, are among the most popular. Let's look at why that is, and what they can do for your business.

Pros of a Dome Security Camera:

- Vandal-resistant design
- Inconspicuous appearance
- Hard to tell where the camera is pointed
- Pan / Tilt / Zoom -- 360 Degree Viewing Angle
- Motion sensing
- Easy Installation
- Compact Size

Cons of a Dome Security Camera:
- Price (for sophisticated models)

Pro: Vandal Resistant Design

Often, convenience stores and other high traffic areas will opt for poorer-quality security cameras because there's a higher risk of vandalism. If someone damages the camera, it's cheaper to replace. However, you can buy dome security cameras in armored, vandal-resistant designs which will stand up to the abuse. These cameras are designed to keep operating even after they've been struck by baseball bats, or worse.

In fact, for areas where vandalism is a concern, dome security cameras are among the only options. Any other camera housing tends to be too easy for vandals to grasp hold of, or the camera housing must be very large and heavy. On the other hand, dome security cameras have a protective dome covering the camera, and the protective dome is firmly attached to the base.

Pro: Inconspicuous Appearance

Dome cameras usually have dark tinted or sometimes even mirrored domes. This hides the black camera inside, so it's not clear there's a camera present. Customers can often feel unsettled by the idea they're being continuously watched, so an inconspicuous camera is more acceptable to customers.

Pro: Hard To Tell Where The Camera is Pointed

Thanks to the tinted dome of a dome security camera, it can be hard for a burglar or a thief to tell where the camera is pointed. This added level of uncertainty can make many perpetrators think twice before trying to steal or cause mischief.

Pro: Pan / Tilt / Zoom for 360 Degree Viewing Angle

More expensive dome cameras come with a pan / tilt / zoom mechanism which allows you or the security manager to swivel the camera around to follow someone suspicious, or cover more of the floor. A single security camera can therefore cover a very large area, instead of needing many cameras pointed in different directions.

Most dome cameras with a pan / tilt / zoom mechanism can also be programmed to sweep a given area automatically.

Pro: Motion Sensing

Some of the best cameras have built-in motion sensing features. They will pick up on movement and follow it until the person is out of range. There does not need to be someone at the controls. Instead, the camera will spot a potential intruder or troublemaker and keep them in view the whole time.

Motion sensing is particularly important for areas where there is no-one normally watching the camera, since they will therefore be able to film the entire act if someone commits a crime.

Pro: Easy Installation

Since dome cameras can cover a 360 degree angle, they're much easier to install. There's less concern the camera will be able to see everything -- you can simply attach it to the wall and swivel the camera around later to catch anything that may happen.

Dome cameras are also available in many types. You can mount them on high walls, attach them to the tops of posts, or hang them from ceilings. Compared with almost any other kind of camera, dome cameras usually will cost less to install.

Pro: Compact Size

Dome security cameras tend to be very compact. They don't have the bulky, elongated form of old-style security cameras; they simply mount to the wall and you're dome.

Con: Price

While some dome cameras are inexpensive enough that anyone can afford them, the most elaborate cameras can be very expensive. A dome camera that offers motion sensing and other in-depth tracking features, very high quality video, and vandal-proof armoring may be too expensive for a small shop to use for security coverage.

Therefore, smaller businesses tend to opt for cheaper models -- they may not need night-vision video or motion tracking in any case.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Why Choose Us As Your Night Vision IP Camera Supplier?

Why Choose Us As Your Night Vision IP Camera Supplier?

Night vision Internet Protocol (IP) camera is very useful to help you monitor your properties easily. This device is very well-known for its night vision system. This feature is very important to assist you in recording any videos at the night time. You can find several types of devices that are available today. Before you buy the best camera for yourself, you can compare all available devices these days. It is recommended for you to select Singapore CCTV as your favorite camera supplier. here are some reasons why you have to choose our company for providing the best IP camera for yourself now.

1. Wide range cameras

When you visit our company, we are ready to help you select the right device that is good for your needs. We have complete options and choices for all customers. Therefore, you don't need to worry about how to choose the best night vision IP camera for yourself. We have complete cameras that come with their own benefits and advantages for all customers. It is highly recommended for you to contact our experts, in order to learn more about our available cameras. We will make sure that you can find your favorite IP camera that is good for your needs now.

2. Proper installation process

This is another benefit that is offered by our company. You will never have to spend your time and energy when you want to install the best night vision IP camera for your properties. We have easy-to-follow instructions that can help all customers install their favorite cameras easily. Our company also has installation service for all customers. You can use this service for supporting your own needs now. We will make sure that we can install the best CCTV camera that is good for your own needs now. Proper installation procedure is very useful to ensure the performance of your favorite camera.

3. Affordable rate

This feature is very useful to help you who have limited budget for installing the best night vision IP camera for your property. It is recommended for you to choose our company, especially if you want to find high quality camera at very affordable price. Our company also offers some additional discounts that are useful for supporting all users' needs. These discounts are available for both new and loyal customers from our company. You should be able to choose the best and most affordable IP camera that is good for your preferences now.

4. Friendly experts

Many of our loyal customers are interested in using our camera installation service because of this simple reason. Our company has some professional experts who have a lot of experience in this camera industry. Therefore, they are ready to provide great recommendations and advice for all customers. You should be able to discuss about anything related with your favorite night vision IP camera and how you can install this camera on your property completely. Our experts are ready to help you find the best camera that has some great and useful features for all users now.

5. Guaranteed service

When you want to select the best IP camera installation service in Singapore, you have to choose our Singapore CCTV company today. Our company offers guaranteed service for our new and current customers. This warranty is very useful to help you get the best unit for yourself now. The claim process is not difficult and complicated. Therefore, you should be able to get all benefits from our reliable guaranteed night vision IP camera installation procedure now. It is recommended for you to contact our company when you want to ask about our warranty program that we offer for our customers.

6. Quick installation procedure

We understand that most customers are busy with their own life today. Therefore, we don't want to make you spend a lot of your valuable time to get the best night vision IP camera for yourself. We always want to keep all camera installation procedures as simple as possible. In most cases, we are ready to complete the installation process in a few days. Although we do all installation procedures quickly, we always take are of all procedures properly. Therefore, you don't need to worry about the overall quality of our night vision IP cameras. You will be happy with all benefits that we offer for all customers.

7. Professional after-sales service

This is another good benefit that we want to provide for all customers. We always want to provide professional after-sales service for all customers. We want to ensure that all customers are happy with our service. Therefore, we want to provide this after-sales service to support our clients' needs. When you have any problems with your night vision IP camera, you can contact our Singapore CCTV company today. We will ensure that you will be happy with the overall service and performance from our company now.

8. Reputable company

Many people leave good reviews about Singapore CCTV. Most customers are happy with the overall performance of this company. Therefore, you don't need to worry about our reliable service. Our reputable company has many useful features and benefits for all users. This good reputation can show the overall quality and also professionalism from our company. Therefore, you should be able to install the best night vision IP camera for supporting your own needs now. This is another good and simple reason why you have to select our night vision IP camera for your properties these days from our company.

There are many good benefits that are offered by our camera company today. We will ensure that we can provide the best experience for all users these days. You don't need to worry about our service quality and great products from our company. You should be able to install the best CCTV night vision IP camera in your properties. This camera is suitable for any of your properties, such as home, apartment, office, and other properties. Contact our company today when you want to ask anything about our reliable products and available services or options for all customers in Singapore now.

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Singapore CCTV - Home CCTV Video Introduction


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