Monday, 18 July 2016

Pros and Cons On Installing Surveillance Camera for Home

CCTV i.e. closed circuit television systems are security or surveillance camera systems which are deployed to offer protection in crowded places, public areas, buildings, or properties whereby security is deemed essential. CCTV systems are often used in variety of circumstances to offer video surveillance. For instance, businesses use CCTV systems to monitor the behavior of their employees. Schools use the systems to monitor the different activities taking place in the school environment. CCTV also can assist retail establishments by offering protection against loss of theft. CCTV cameras have got redefined security management dynamics, law enforcement activities, terrorism prevention measures as well as general protection of homes and businesses. Therefore, it is important that you install this system in your premises if you really care about your family and property in Singapore. This write up will give you the pros as well as the cons that are associated with installing a surveillance camera. 

Pros of Installing Surveillance Camera 

Preventing Theft as well as Illegal Activity:
The primary purpose of installing a surveillance camera is to act as deterrence to criminals, petty thieves, robbers as well as unscrupulous elements from indulging in criminal or illicit activities. Basically, the good thing with these security systems is that they can be installed in any place including in townhouses, bungalows, condominiums, apartment buildings, university campuses, schools, stores, malls, offices and in other public places. The camera can monitor suspicious activities, stop vandalism, theft and shop lifting. The system can also alert stationed security officers about any real- time theft taking place in a particular area as long as the place is secured using the surveillance systems.

Staff members monitoring these cameras in your business can also immediately inform you in case of any mysterious or dangerous thing happening in your business premises.

Sexual Predators:One of the biggest threats that most people in Singapore experience is intruders penetrating in their home and sexually molesting their kids. Camera system installed in your home can track down these predators once they happen to penetrate in your premises.

Preventing Bullying:
The new- generation CCTV surveillance camera systems have got voice, audio as well as sound capturing abilities. Therefore, you can be able to hassle free capture any person who happens to harass your family members or workers.

Emergency Evacuation:
The security company manning your camera system can quickly take action about evacuating people in your premises in case of emergencies related to theft or fire or other potential unlawful activities taking place in your premises.

Giving both You and Your Family Peace of Mind:
Once you install CCTV cameras in your premises, you’ll definitely begin having peace of mind since you know that you’re being protected by the system. Your spouse, your kids as well as your worker(s) will also have nothing to fear about in cases whereby you live them alone in the house.

Keeps a Record:
If any criminal activity takes place in your home, investigation will be added by the video that will have been recorded by the CCTV surveillance. Also, if an argument happens to occur between your workers in your house, it will not be necessary asking the workers about what was wrong. You only require consulting the video tape from your CCTV surveillance and it will show you exactly what you require to see.

Cons of Installing CCTV Surveillance Camera Systems in your Home

Despite the system carrying along numerous pros, it has some cons as well. Here are some of them;

CCTV Cameras Do Not Always Work:
Unfortunately, CCTV cameras cannot be able to display every square inch of your home. Basically, even if you position the CCTV cameras correctly, there isn’t guarantee that they will catch any unwanted behavior or crime done on your premises.

A person can easily thwart the cameras by covering them up or by sticking on the lenses a piece of chewing gum. When the cameras are positioned in a place high above the ground, criminals can be able to avoid detection by simply holding their heads down.

Any person who is familiar with your home can still be able to get around the CCTV surveillance and avoid getting caught. Generally, if the CCTV cameras are positioned incorrectly, any high traffic area in your home will not be shown on camera. In such a scenario, much of the behavior which the CCTV cameras are designed to detect may not be captured on the tape.

Does not Provide a Person with Privacy:
Installing CCTV cameras in your home can sometimes cause controversy. For instance, people who’re considered opponents of CCTV cameras normally object to the invasion of privacy which is resulted with constant video monitoring. Workers in your house under constant surveillance by the CCTV cameras can oppose monitoring of their behavior since they believe they cannot be able to work properly when they’re being monitored. Also, some people believe that they cannot deliver to their level best if they happen to be monitored all the time.

They’re Expensive:
Installing CCTV surveillance system in your house will definitely be costly. This is because the cost of purchasing them is high. Also, you’ll be required to hire an expert to install the system in your premises. The security company that will be manning your house will also make you incur more money. If you combine all these costs, you will realize that the entire process is costly.

As you’ve seen, there are a number of advantages as well as disadvantages you’ll experience once you install CCTV cameras in your premises. However, since the pros outweigh the cons, it’s important that you install them in your Singapore home.

It is also important that you carry out a thorough research when looking for a CCTV surveillance system to install in you home since not all of them will provide you with the aforementioned benefit.

Last but not the least, reference from friends, relatives as well as co- workers in Singapore who’re recently using CCTV surveillance systems in their homes can really help you out in finding the right CCTV cameras and also the right security company to man your home. Ensure that you install CCTCV cameras in your home as soon as possible if you want to reap the various benefits that they offer. Thank you.