Saturday, 15 October 2016

11 Tips On How To Install CCTV Camera In Office

These days CCTV is one of the most important objects for the security of any office. That is why most of the office owners or managers in Singapore prefer to have CCTV camera installed in their office. That is a good thing to do and installation of CCTV camera in your office can help you get several benefits as well. But there are certain tips as well that you need to remember during this installation. If you will not do the installation in a proper manner, then you may not get the optimum result with it. For your reference, I am sharing 11 tips on how to install CCTV camera in the office.

Do the office survey: Before you install CCTV camera in your office, it is essential that you do the survey of your office. In this survey you should cross check all the places where you would want to have cameras in your office and how many cameras you would need. If you will do that research in a proper manner, then you will be able to find right kind of details for same. This is one of those tips that will certainly help you save money in an easy manner.

Know the camera power: This is one of those tips that are unknown to many people. However, if you want to get the best outcome with your CCTV camera in your office, then you should know the power of the camera before buying it. By knowing the power of CCTV camera you can install right amount of cameras in your office. This is one of those tips that will not only help you do the saving of money, but it will help you do various other things as well. So, keep that thing in your mind to install CCTV camera in your office.

Do proper cabling: Proper cabling is very important and you should never ignore that in any condition. Sometimes people use the camera cable along with electrical cable. This is a big mistake that people make in this installation and you should not make this blunder in your office. For this installation, you should have a separate line for the camera cables to avoid any trouble caused by electrical flux.

Remote access: You may not stay in the office all the time but you would want to monitor your employees and office from a remote location. If you have a cctv camera that gives you remote access from any location, then you can do the monitoring easily from outside of your office as well. When I give tips to people for this particular requirement, I always suggest them to use a system that offers remote access. I would give the same tips to you as well for better productivity and results with it.

Check the capacity of recorder: If you want to keep the recording for a longer time in your office, then you should check the recorder capacity as well. Sometime people invest a lot of money in the CCTV camera, its installation and other things, but they do not get the right capacity recorder for their office. This is a mistake that leads them to trouble after some time. So, it is advised that you choose the recorder capacity according to the available camera and your specific requirement.

Choose right angle: To install CCTC camera in your office, it is necessary you choose a right angle for that. If you don’t choose the right angle for the installation of the camera, then you may not be able to capture the people or their faces. That means in the case of emergency or in the case of something mischievous you may find it impossible to solve that issue with your recordings.

The location should be safe: When you do the installation of CCTV camera in your office, then it is also important that you choose a location that is completely safe. If people can vandalize the camera or its cable, then that would not be a good thing for you. Inside the office, you shouldn’t face much of the problems, but still, you should consider choosing a safe location. Also, it should be a good base so it doesn’t get ripped off from the place.

Know the rules: In Singapore there are certain rules and regulations to install the CCTV camera. If you don’t follow those rules then you may face legal troubles. So make sure you understand all these rules and you do the installation accordingly. For example, you are not allowed to install any CCTV camera inside the bathroom or similar private place. Nor you can point a camera outside on the road unless you have a valid reason and legal approval for that. So, keep these tips in your mind for the better result.

Choose a good vendor: None of the tips can do any good for you unless you choose a good vendor for the installation of CCTV camera in your office. Sometimes you may think about installing it on your own, but that would not be a good idea and I am not going to recommend you for that. So, make sure you do not make this mistake in any condition as well for better results.

Do rigors testing: once the installation is done, then you should do a testing for same to cross check things are working properly. If you won’t do the testing then it is possible that things will not work as smoothly as you want them to work. You should check if you are able to access live feed from other place and you should check the recording as well. If you have anything else in your mind, don’t mind checking that as well for better result.

Inform people about it: Last but not the least you must inform people about the installation of cctv camera at your premises. You should have some signs for that at various places and you should inform about it. Many tips may ignore giving this suggestion to you, but it is very important that you inform people about it. That is necessary by law as well. Hence, try not to avoid this in any condition.